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number two, if we are going to help create more jobs in america, if we're going to help save our children from bankruptcy, we've got to take america off this fiscally irresponsible path. that we're borrowing almost 40 cents on the dollar. much of it from the chinese. and sending the bill to our children and grandchildren. so house republicans put forth a proposal that would keep the government open, the senate frankly has had plenty of time to consider it. they wanted more time so we gave them two more weeks, but i hope they would join us. i agree with dick, i hope we can work on a bipartisan nation to put the nation on fiscally sustainable path. >> chris: let me break in, if i may. i might note in my answer to the question neither of you said democrats, whether you're willing to accept more cuts, republicans, whether you are willing to accept more cuts. you keep talking about meeting the republicans halfway. let's watch. >> democrats ready to meet the republicans halfway on this, that would be fair. >> my administration has already put forward specific cuts that meet congressional republ
's basically -- the "uss new york" is built on emotion. it's recycling that emotion, taking america's worst day, and turning it into our greatest national symbol. and i felt that as i was going in there that day, that this was something special that not only i, but, you know, the nation can rally around. >> reporter: at 684 feet, the ship is longer than two football fields. it has a crew of 360 sailors and can carry up to 700 marines. it sailed up to new york for the commissioning ceremony. as it passed the site of ground zero, the warship fired a 21-gun salute. when we return, we'll learn about this very special ship. twist to one, for length and drama... new revlon, customeyes mascara. >>> reporter: on november 2nd, 2009, the "uss new york" sailed into the harbor of its namesake city for the first time. the bow of this ship is built from seven and a half tons of steel which was recovered from the world trade center after 9/11. >> the world trade center was always the symbol of new york, and now the "uss new york" becomes that symbol itself. the ship honors the victims of the 9/11 attacks as w
continues.  somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >>> police are hoping new billboards will help them capture the so-called east coast rapist. he is the suspect in at lost a dozen taxes that targeted 17 women. those billboards are going up in maryland, virginia, connecticut and rhode island. police have also started up a web site about this case. >>> an initial legal victory for the familiar will you of a d.c. man who died of a heart attack hours after paramedicked told him he was suffering from acid reflux. a judge ruled that the family can go ahead with a lawsuit against the city. the family says this case is not about the money. they hope the lawsuit will send a message and lead to better training and i
of the npr foundation, in part because of these comments. >> middle america, gun toting, they're scary, and furious. >> reporter: schiller, referring to the tea party, thought he was meeting with potential million dollar donors to npr but the man behind this undercover camera is really a conservative activist. >> the current republican party, in particular the tea party, is fanatically involved in people's personal lives. liberals today might be more educated and balanced. >> npr's ceo, vivian schiller, not related to ron schiller, is also out. npr's board of directors said it was appalled by the comments and say the resignations come on top of what has been a traumatic period for npr. you'll remember last year when analyst ron williams was fired for talking about his personal concerns over traveling on planes with muslims. also on the video, ron schiller said npr could be more independent without the 90 million in taxpayer dollars they receive each year, which is 10% of their total funding. >> it's very clear that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding. >> repo
, maybe i can understand that and not when you're playing one out of 82, right? and they america's favorite team. >> right. >> and that is just a game. one. get to the finals and lose a heartbreaker. >> then he had the nerve to say it was the media. >> and he let this out. >> right. >> and first of all, if you have guys crying -- . >> uh-huh. >> you have bigger issues and sick of all -- everyone else is standing around and pray he makes it and of course. >> you think hofstra should be out? >> i think with the tears. >> uh-huh. >> he should be gone. >> the crying game is over. >> and that is tough to say. >> did you see kendall walker in. >> i heard. >> and is there the best killer crossover you have seen? >> okay. >> and this is -- and gary mcgee of pittsburgh. and is -- he fell down the rest of his life and that is you had he's going to be remembered. >> first of all -- . >> and down he goes. >> yeah. >> and that is impressive but not as -- and that crossover. >> yes. >> that was good. it was kind of a, you know, and as a little guy.
for the bodies discovered already. >> i want to reiterate,'s support for the people of japan. -- america's support for the people of japan. >> reporter: the u.s. has begun support to japan, the government going above and beyond. >> like all americans, i continue to be heartbroken by the images of devastation in japan. >> reporter: families are separated unsure if their loved ones made it and in some cases families are separated because of the nuclear danger. in this photo a mother talks to her daughter through a barrier, the daughter isolated because of possible radiation contamination from fukushima's nuclear plant. >> we also have dispatched subject matter experts both reactor experts and an expert on emergency response. >> reporter: officials from the u.s. department of energy and the nuclear regulatory commission are working to determine how to keep the nuclear reactors from melting down. >> in particular, they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water and other resources to ensure the reactors continue to be cool. >> reporter: as officials rush to jap
and simple and it's shocking that anyone in america would mount such a vigorous assault on simply the exercise of free speech. as to exodus international, they offer a ministry based on the indisputable fact that some people who experience same sex attractions, experience those attractions as something unwanted and they believe that there should be help offered to people in that situation. they're not anti-gay. they are pro choice in that those who experience same sex attractions and want to adopt a gay identity are free to do that, but those who experience those attractions as unwanted should be free to seek help to overcome them. >> peter, what did david's objections that this could have a huge impact on young people? what is your response to that? >> well, the fact is not withstanding the statements of these professional organizations which are more political, the statements that are more political than scientific in nature, the actual research has never shown any firm evidence of harm caused by these therapies and, in fact, has shown that they can be effective. there's no guar
barnard, thank you. >>> president obama spent today in chile pledging a new partnership with latin america, the second stop on a five-day latin american tour. today's message to santiago is the u.s. needs latin america if it wants to prosper. >> today we recommitted ourselves to fully implementing our free trade agreement to include protections of intellectual properties so our businesses can innovate and stay competitive. we agreed to build on the progress we're making towards a transpacific partnership so we can seize the full potential of trade in the asia pacific, especially for our small and medium businesses. >> the president says millions of american jobs are supported by the export of goods to south america. the u.s. exports more to that region than it does to china. >>> house minority leader nancy pelosi resumed her schedule after being briefly hospitalized in rome today. an italian news agency is reporting she suffered a mild illness and has since been released. pelosi had to postpone early meetings with italian leaders but later attended a reception at the american ambassador's
. [ female announcer ] most women in america aren't getting the calcium they need. but yoplait wants to change that. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value ♪ so pass on the news and we can help close this calcium gap together. to get you started, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. >>> a guilty plea from a northern virginia community college student who shot at a professor. jason hamilton of manassas fired a hunting rifle in a classroom in 2009. the professor was not hurt. hamilton faced up to 20 years in prison for attempted murder when sentenced in september into the texas college student from saudi arabia accusing to blow up president bush's home has pled not guilty. he entered his plea at a federal courthouse in lubbock yesterday. he was arrested large month and charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. if convicted he faces life in prison. >>> wal-mart is asking the supreme court this morning to say that a lawsuit brought by women suing the c
top stories this morn, president obama made a major speech on america's involvement in the conflict in libya last night. he says he explained why the u.s. is involved. he says moammar ghadafi's actions against his people is the reason he plunged the military into the conflict. >> some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to a -- to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. there is no question that libya and the world who be better off without w. ghadafi out of power. but broadening our military mission to include rescream re- - to include regime change would be a mistake. >>> also in our top stories, could it be another abu gharib. disturbing photos of soldiers this time posing with bodies of dead civilians in afghanistan. the army is now apologizing for the photos. they and to the web site of rolling stone magazine and in a statement, the army says the photos were disturbing. >>> in japan, toxic pollute on -- plutonium seeping from the plant. safety officials stress it is not a danger to people. >>> office pools can pay off. the latest on the me
across america bus. and a preview of what to expect as season 10s top 24 sing live this week.  >>> a lot of bands covering rage against the machine. that's george mason university pep band and this clip has gone viral. their mash up of killing in the name of and bulls on parade. so far nearly half a million views on you tube after being featured on tosh.o. send us links on facebook or twitter to pass stuff like this along. you'll find the information >> i just saw this you tube video a couple of days ago. this kid justin beiber, he is going to be huge. you should see him. >> you could probably be his manager. >> before he gets to be 17. >> happy birthday. >> it is his birthday. he got himself a present. >>> shall we take a look at what is going on with the weather? >> what's his present. >> isn't he dating selena gomez? yes, there you go. >>> right now at reagan national, a temperature of 33 degrees. so it's a cool start, not cool -- it's a cold start to the day. relative humidity 61%. winds out of the north at 14 miles per hour. so it is bre
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back from his trip to latin america in the next few days. we're told that complicated some of the communication here with the president being out of the country. this is expected to be put to rest, we're told, hopefully by the time congress returns to town on monday. >>> angry police officers torched this government building in cairo. witnesses saw the smoke for miles away. thousands of low-ranking police officers are demanding better wages and working conditions. since the fall of mubarak back in february many are protesting to improve working conditions. >>> days after security forces killed more than 40 demonstrators in yemen, the president announced he will resign at the end of the year. but demonstrators are angry he won't turn over power immediately. there are tanks outside of government buildings and armored vehicles are stationed outside of the palace. >>> a protest in the district today calling for a city contractor to hire more local employees. a group calling itself dc jobs or else claims that less than ten percent of construction workers involved in the 11th str
that this is a corporate takeover of not only your food industry in america, but across the globe by a handful of giant corporations. i'm looking at just the pig industry. now, pigs are intelligent animals. much more intelligent than dogs. we shove into factories where they can't turn around in their cubicles. these are protein eating animals. these farms are in areas of america like north carolina, where there are so many of them defecating in one area, that the stench is unbearable for the local people. and these companies are basically trying to hide behind your laws that they don't have to reveal really what goes on inside the factories, and the evidence is coming out, the cruelty of the pollution, and also the fact that there used to be many farmers. people love living on the countryside. children love being brought up with animals. why can't we have small scale farmers providing us with healthy food? the big businesses say we provide cheap. but they're not paying the true cost because of the pollution, because of the cruelty, nobody wants to be really cruel to an animal before you eat it. and als
young america, what's your opinion? we'll find out in "speak of the week." >> if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? >> i would probably want to go to the galapagos actually and um . i don't know. my sister went there it looks really, really cool like everywhere possible, so many places how could you choose? >> spain, just because i went there one summer i loved the food, i loved the culture, i loved being able to take a little siesta during the day, that definitely flows well with me! >> los angeles is a really fun city, or chicago. i would go to london because i've never been there and a lot of my camp counselors are from there. i'd love to visit them. >> i know where i'd like to go. wherever shia labouf is. for t/kn, i'm sam. >> this season we were invited to do some behind-the-scenes reporting on the new york yankees. here's this week's segment. >> tyler here with the field report. today we're getting a tour of yankee stadium with tony morante. let's go check it out. >> how's it going? tyler. >> good morning tyler. how are you doing? >> good, nice to meet you. >>
're on alert and headed out, and search-and- rescue teams is en route. molly henny bug looks at how america is responding. >> reporter: seven u.s. military ships were sent to the region, including the uss ronald reagan with medical facilities on board and airlift capabilities to move people and supply. president obama had a briefing this morning. the white house said, by his homeland security advisor in the office. and in japan, the u.s. has 38,000 troops stationed in japan. the defense department put out this video of marines preparing to leave their homebase on the island of okinawa, to head to mainland japan with rescue equipment, cargo, personnel, and other assets. robert gates said the military wants to provide whatever is needed by the government of japan and the u.s. embassy in tokyo. >> we have the ronald reagan closing on japan right now and sending another amphibious ship and we're pulling in helicopters from around the region region and so on and those two ships can be used for helicopter operations in the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. >> and usaid deployed two urb
to a school and a slum. the trip is part of a five-day tour of latin america to strengthen diplomatic ties. >>> antiwar protestors put on a show outside quantico marine base. they want an army private with wikileaks set free. >> reporter: this is the second protest this weekend by several groups that are iraq veterans against the war. they were joined today by daniel elsburg who leaked the pentagon papers during the vietnam war. several hundred demonstrators turned out across from the quantico marine pays and carried signs that said free bradley manning. these protestors say the army private is being tortured, held in solitaire confinement, stripped naked for several days in his cell at night and now is being forced to wear a special safety smoke that would prevent him from harming himself. they want the abuse stopped and an immediate trial on any charges. >> i identify entirely with bradley manning. when he said to get these truths out that should not be concealed in washington, should be known to the people and cause debate. >> when you are not allowed to wear clothes at night in a cold
thing we do know is that this won't be the last hearing on radicals in america. congressman king said he's planning a series of hearing -- hearings like this one, brian, because he said this is too big for one day of testimony. >> and nobody likes the air of being hypocritical and congressman king is drawing fire himself for some of the past issues involving terrorism. what is he saying to the critics? >> if i'm correct, brian, king's distracters point out he was the supporter of sinn fein and the irish republican army when they identified the ira as a terrorist group and king doesn't deny that association but said it's irrelevant. he argues the ira never attacked the united states the way al qaeda did on 9/11. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. >>> a fox 5 followup. an arlington man charged with threatenning to set off bombs on metro trains and in the georgetown neighborhood has been sentenced and the 25-year- old made the threats last december. the native pleaded guilty to a scaled back charge and making a threat against another person over the internet, sentenced to two years of supervised re
that national recognition. >> it's celebrated on his birthday, which happens to be this wednesday. >>> america is growing, but no group of people is increasing faster than hispanics. even census officials are surprised as hispanics now account for more than half of the total u.s. growth since the year 2000. fox's anita vogel takes a closer look. >> reporter: the face of america is changing, according to the 2010 census. track to surpass 50 ading the million, or roughly one in six americans. among children, one in four is now hispanic. a total of 900,000 more hispanics added to the population than officials expected. >> over the decade, two groups, hispanic population and nonhispanic asian population experienced the fastest growth rate at about 43%. >> reporter: immigration and higher birth rate are the reasons behind the growth in hispanics. the census also reflects aging white population. the median age is now 41. and while the number of whites edged up in the last 10 years to 197 million, their share of the population is down 5% over the last decade because of declining birth rates. >> minor
in america ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪l-laxu >>> welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> welcome back. in friday's game mike morrison posted his first double double of the season. today against ohio state he scored six points and grabbed four rebounds. morrison will be back next season. he joins feldy in cleveland. >> reporter: mike, it's not the way you wanted it to end. the good news is you get another year to come back. cam and isaiah don't, but give me your thoughts immediately following this game because ohio state played so well. i don't think it would have mattered if luke played or anyone else played. they were pretty much on fire. >> one, we definitely would have wanted to have like, but you can't worry about that. he got sick and that's part of life. first our team doesn't need to hang their heads. we know we didn't play to the best of our ability, but we made it here. we can't look down and look back at our season, one of the best in school history. so don't look down at yourself. just keep playing. >> reporter: you won
selling millions of records in america who is on one of my other shows and i'm also looking for a new vocal group and i think there's a gap in the market for somebody like that right now. so i'm excited about it. >> we're excited, too and, you know, i know that people have been asking you this all day. can you give us a hint about any of the judges? there are rumors like there's a new judge on the show every day. >> well, the way we're going, we're going to have about 23 people judging this show because we've met tons of people and the truth is i like everyone we've met so far. maybe because we're in washington we should put a call out to one of the obamas. >> and have them come out, one of the daughters. >> why not? >> if you would like to try out, the closest audition site to us is newark, new jersey, at the prudential center. auditions start wednesday, april 13th. we have all the details on under web links. >> cold day, had to bundle up and it's getting colder. >> ready for some 20s tonight? >> no. >> it's already down to the
baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. >> good evening i'm dave feldman. the washington capitals return home tomorrow the first time in 16 days and when they host carolina, and they hope to get the star back, too. ovechkin with the blue jersey at practice and after taking a week off to recover from an undisclosed injury. he missed the caps last three games and with what the head coach called a nagging element. and he is ready to go for tomorrow's game. and bruce boudreau, not sure about him or the teammate. >> and he did good today and we're getting closer and i don't know. i haven't talked to the committee about the actual timeline and skated very well as far as practice. >> and college hoop season is don to the final four. the talk of the attorney is vcu and from nearby richmond. a team that had to play to play. you follow that? this was the scene five years ago at verizon center and when 11th-seeded george mason defeated uconn to advance to the final four and that is vcus turn. and the rams are an 11th seed and beat georgetown, purdue,
nelson jones shows us this story. >> america. my home, sweet, home. >> our dad left for afghanistan 9 months ago. >> i feel really proud. >> we made our banner and we have been praying our songs. through the night when the lights from above. >> go outside and have flags and -- [ indiscernible ] hi, mom. >> hey, ready? >> uh-huh. god bless america. >> what are you going to tell your dad when you see him? [ laughter ] >> come on, honey. >> there you go. >> thank you. my little kiddos. this is ally. >> come here. you going to say hi? >> hi. >> i'm going to cry. >> oh! >> thank you guys so much. >> bye! >> happy to have my husband home. >> we're a surgical team that took care of guys, you know, who were damaged in various ways and i always have a lot more pride with the guys that go outside of the wire and do that day in, day out. it's incredible that other people care error. >> your letters helped -- people care. >> your letters helped tremendously. >> we're glad you're home. >> thank you. >> they're there so our children can go to sleep at night and have nice dreams and be safe. that is
. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america oh, oh, oh >>> at the damaged nuclear plant, managers are finding plutonium in the ground. the amount discovered in soil in five places around the plant is extremely small. that is according to officials. experts did expect some plutonium to show up after crews started looking for it this week. hundreds of thousands of quake and tsunami survivor are still struggling to get food and clothing. >>> virginia began testing air, drinking water and milk after trace amounts of radiation were detected in the air and run water in maryland. it is believed the amounts were carried through the atmosphere from japan becoming more diluted as it traveled. experts say more elevated readings could be coming. >> if we're having large spiekdz now, we'll -- spikes now, we'll tend to see larger levels over the next couple of week but probably will not see large great levels or great spikes here. >> maryland officials say they will offer its testing facilities to neighboring states if they are needed. the experts say
was pretty insulting. >> those of you who are not from america, we welcome you. but we do think just a little bit differently here in washington. that's all. we have disagreements without attacking anybody. we have disagreements without shouting down anybody. that is how we do it, right? >> barry acknowledged how hard cab drivers worked as he tried to calm the understandably angry crowd. he told them if they want to be heard, they should come to the council's hearings on the proposal and testify. >>> in the wake of the turmoil in the middle east, the white house is shifting some of its attention towards its energy policy and that includes curbing oil imports by one- third. notten is on board for some of of the steps being taken. mike emmanuel has the specifics of the story. >> reporter: in what the white house called a deliberate pivot from libya and the turmoil in the middle east, at georgetown university, the president shifted focus to energy security and set this goal. >> when i was elected to this office, america imported 11 million-barrels of oil a day. by a little more than a decade fro
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obama cut short his trip to latin america. in el salvador, he was asked about the mission. >> we have a long-range poll sieve making sure ghadafi is no longer blocking the legitimate ago operations of libyan people but that is not necessarily going to be accomplished just by military means alone. >> in libya's third largest city, conditions continue to worsen despite coalition air strikes. >>> the family of an american marine killed in afghanistan on sunday is now speaking out. marine staff sergeant james, jimmy, malachowski was from carroll county. the 25-year-old married father of two was killed sunday by a homemade bomb in afghanistan. of his a machine gunner deployed to afghanistan in january. he had survived three tours in iraq. his families remembers him as an expert marxman. >> he was awarded the distinguished shooters badge which few marines have, very few. i think there was only three awarded that entire year and there was just a handful in the whole marine corps. >> his family is calling on all americans to refocus their attention on the war and the men and women fighting fo
a comment that some cabbies felt was insulting. >> for those of you who are not from america, we welcome you, but we do things just a little bit differently here in washington and that's all right. we have disagreements without attacking anybody. we have disagreements without shouting down anybody. that's how we do it, right? >> barry acknowledged how hard cabbies work as he tried to calm the crowd. he told them to be heard they should come to the council's hearings on the profile and testify. >>> a maryland man jailed in cuba for months, a former president traveled this to demand the man's release. we'll tell you if his efforts were successful. >>> plus 30 years ago today president ronald reagan almost lost his life in an assassination attempt. tonight we take a look back at one of the victims pushes ahead in his fight for tougher gun control. go >>> today up on capitol hill jail and sarah brady were holding a press conference talking about something near and dear to their hearts which is stricter gun control laws. fox 5's paul wagner was there talk
're the kids in america oh, oh, oh >>> four people were hurt after an explosion at a massachusetts chemical plant. state police say it happened at bostick incorporated in middleton, about 20 miles north of boston. the plant manufactures plastics and adhesives. the company has so far not issued a statement. >>> new details in the deadly bus crash in new york city over the weekend. conflicting stories between the driver and passenger. the driver said the bus got clip bid a tractor-trailer. passengers and witness say the bus swerved for no certain reason just before sliding off the road and into a pole. fourteen people were killed in that bus crash. police have located the tractor- trailer. that driver has come forward. the ntsb says it is still too early to say if the two vehicles struck one another. the truck's gps system and a video camera from the bus are being used to determine the speed of the vehicle. >>> a u.s. state department employee has resigned. d.y.crowley called the army's tactics between bradley manning ridiculous and stupid. manning accused of giving wikileaks materials. he i
decisively all hell is going to break loose in the mid east because nobody is going to follow a weak america. >> we have constant communication with the leadership in yemen and bahrain. secretary gates making it clear to the king there and our diplomats and making it clear to their president that they have to respect the rights of the people and allow peaceful protests and can't use violence to suppress the legitimate concerns of the people. that is the message we have to send and we are sending it. >> chris: senator reed, senator graham thank you so much for coming in and weighing in on these fas fast moving stories. >>> up next, japan battles a nuclear melt down. what does it mean for the u.s.? answers from the secretary of energy, when we come back. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before.
new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> the ohio legislature pass a bill severely limiting union rights for 350,000 public worker. that includes safety workers, teachers, nurses and government personnel. the bill allows unions to negotiate wages and certain job conditions but not health care, sick time or pension benefits. it replaces automatic pay increases with merit raises. it also prohibits strikes. the republican governor of ohio is expected to sign it into law. >>> in japan, nuclear safety fails say they are looking into reports that high levels of radiation are now in a village just 5 miles from a plant. it is outside the evacuation zone and we are learning of 155 marines from maryland heading to japan today. they are based at the indian head surface warfare cent are and are specifically trained to monitor radiation levels. the team will not help in cooling the reactors. >>> also making headlines, very low levels of radiation turned up in a sample of milk from spokane, washington. the radioactive iodine was still 5,000 times below dangerous levels.
of latin america. it is his second trip there. the first visit was to brazil. >> to the people and progress of chile, the united states of america is proud to stand with you as partners and to what our partnership says about who we are, two proud nations bound by the conviction that change is possible. >> the first family continues on to el salvador today. this will be last stop on the trip. >>> it was a night of stars and presidents. four living former u.s. presidents came together in washington to honor george herbert walker bushate event was at the kennedy center. it also promoted the 41st president's passion for giving back and service to others. bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: former american idol carrie underwood among the performers paying tribute to former president york h. w. bush sitting with another three living former u.s. presidents, a condition did i center tribute for the man and his mantra. >> we are all so wrapped up in the things we to in our daily lives but helping your fellow man that is what we're here for. >> reporter: on this night honoring the 41st president
. the look back at a pioneer. that's next. >>> also ahead, we're exploring the rich history of america's most namous residents. holly is with the white house association as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. more on that in just a few.  >>> 7:23. welcome back. a man in northern california was seriously injured after his sunday morning newspaper exploded in his hands. authorities say a device was hidden in the paper in vacaville, a city between san francisco and sacramento. they are not sure if the man was targeted or if the attack was random. he was airlifted to the hospital and will survive. a bomb squad searched the area and no other explosives were found. >>> a family outing in san diego turns tragic when their sailboat capsized. 7 adults and three children were thrown into the water and two men drowned. the water was very cold and the survivors were shivering when pulled from the water. 60 firefighters were called to the scene. five ambulances took the survivors to the hospital. >>> a group of women led by a wal-mart greeter who filed a discrimination lawsuit against the store cha
national cemetery. it's calling into question whether or not america's honored fallen were buried in the correct drives -- griefs. tonight, one u.s -- graves. tonight, the situation might be worse than originally thought and tom fitzgerald joins us now and this is going to the issue of mismarked graves? >> reporter: that is what it's about. the new information stems from previously secret testimony from the workers at the ceremony. the testimony that indicates the number of mismarked graves at arlington national cemetary and maybe larger than previously thought. arlington national cemetary is america's hallowed ground. but arlington's image has been under siege since the army revealed decades of mislabeled graves missing remains and headstones being used to line waterways. the scope of the mismanagement and bad record keeping here at arlington national cemetery came to light in 2010, but as a new administrator gets to work at sorting out the mess, it turns out the problem might be much worse than previously thought. a new article in "time" maga
is going to follow a weak america. >> reporter: japan's nuclear crisis took second stage. still concern about safety hasn't dissipated. >> we should just be humble in the face of mother nature. we should understand that it's very difficult for us to guarantee that a catastrophic meltdown cannot happen. >> reporter: fox news sunday pointed out that 23 nuclear reactors in the u.s. are the same design as the ones at the now doomed fukushima dai-ichi plant. energy secretary steven chu responded. >> there have been safety upgrades done. >> reporter: the world is watching both situations and hoping our leaders can come up with the right solutions. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >>> staying on japan, two people have been found alive under the rubble of their home and there's mixed news tonight about radiation concerns. japanese officials say two of the overheated reactors at the fukushima plant have now been safely cooled. that news comes as the nation's health ministry announced more produce was found that contains elevated levels of radiation, but they say it's not significant enough to cause
that are there are uniquely held by the united states of america. can i repeat again what joe is saying. this really should be the focus of our attention right now. some compare it to the follow of the ottoman empire and some compare it to the fall of the iron curtain and the collapse of the soviet union. this is historic times of enormous opportunity and proportions. we should be doing whatever we can to not have brutal dictators remain in power without the commitment of ground troops in libya or anyplace else. >> chris: senator lieberman, another nuts and bolts question, that is the confusion over the mission. the president says gaddafi must go but the u.n. resolution only calls for protecting civilians. so what should the u.s. do? how do we back up our rhetoric? do we get gaddafi out? do we arm the rebels? do u.s. forces as speaker gingrich suggested at least from the air target gaddafi and the regime? >> it seems to me that the only acceptable way for this to end in libya is for gaddafi to go. in that sense, president obama was absolutely right. you know, though the rhetoric surrounding this action at
, baseball was america's game. we know where that is now. the nfl ought to pay attention to this, seize the moment and build on this. i think there is enough to go around for everyone. >> doc walker says a deal will get done. thank you for joining us and sharing your thoughts. >> always a pleasure. >>> we're still on top of the breaking news which out of japan today, a powerful earthquake measuring 8.9 struck overnight there have been several strong aftershocks this morning including a 7.4 magnitude aftershock which happened about 0 minutes following the initial earthquake. the japanese government confirms at least five people have been killed in the massive earthquake. a tsunami warning now includes hawaii and the rest of the pacific ocean. a lesser tsunami watch is issued for the entire western coast of the united states and canada from the mexican botheredder to alaska. a 10-foot tsunami has already flooded farmland in northeastern japan where there is devastating damage. you can see the fire burning there n other areas, dozens of cars, boats and even buildings were carried away. >>>
. and the views are still free. but this year it will cost you $5 to attend the street fair put on by the japan-america society. if you are 12 and younger, they still get in for free. >>> 7:21 on a wednesday morning. and a big step for the nationals next phenom. witness some history for bryce harper next. >>> and since the president has taken office there are some that refuse to believe he's born in the united states. now a former presidential hopeful is apologizing for wrongly stating where the president grew up. >>> and for a lot of us, the days can't start without a strong cup of coffee. coming up this hour, holly is taking us straight to the source. holly is coming up. it's 7:22 now. stay with us.  >>> there is a little bit of history nat's fans. in viera, florida, yesterday, phenom bryce harper recording his first hit as a member of the nationals during an appearance against the mets. nats went on to win the game 5- 3. 2-0 early start in the spring this year. >>> mike huckabee pointed out for getting his facts wrong. he twice said that president barack obama was raised in kenya.
that will give you tablet envy when we come back.  somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >>> you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. day for apple and everyone. ipad lovers everywhere. in case you haven't heard, the ipad 2 was introduced toe less than a year after the first -- today less than a year after the first one came out. how does it stack up to the old one? >> i'm giving it a thumb's up. i have the original one. i watch tv with it. it sleeps next to me on the night stand, not in the bed, but i just loh it and everyone is await -- love it and everyone is awaiting this new one that comes out in about 10 days. it's thinner, faster and has a function where you can plug it into your tv set a
from the sky, not only america but the whole world should prevent him from using the air force because the air force is available to him only. >> reporter: but these shoulder held weapons could also bring down u.s. planes, a fact noted by pentagon officials reluctant to enforce a no fly zone. the first video of a dutch military helicopter captured by government forces appeared on libyan television. among the three dutch marines held one appeared to be a woman. meanwhile american aid began arriving in neighboring tunisia to help those fleeing the violence. >> at president obama's direction usaid has chartered additional civilian aircraft to help people from other countries who have fled lib why. >> reporter: food lines begin to form in towns such as ajdabiya and the government has reportedly stopped food trucks from going into the towns. >> who is responsible? gadhafi, that dictator, that dog. he's the one who destroyed his own people. that is the truth. that is now history. >> reporter: there's growing concern about the dutch marines captured sunday during their botched operation to re
-stream american society so people put it aside as this doesn't concern me or doesn't affect middle america. this doesn't affect mainstream society. the combination of rock hudson's diagnosis and announcement that he had aids and elizabeth taylor taking up the cause was a one-two punch to the american people. this is something that can affect anyone. this is something that can be taken seriously and this is something that is not just affecting a fringe community, it is something that can effect all of us. and i think her commitment to this cause and her taking up this banner was really a very important break-through in the fight against hiv and aids. she really reached people who were not listening and not paying attention and made them listen and pay attention. you talk about the reagan administration, she was very influential in getting people involved in the fight against hiv and aids. he she had a personal connection between nance andy ronald reagan and used that to get more attention to the government with the epidemic and along with the general public and that was such a critical thin
america space program suffered another embarrassing failure. tonight, a nearly half billion dollar satellite is sitting at the bottom of the ocean after failing to even make it into orbit and it's not the first time that something like this has happened. tom fitzgerald has the news edge on this one. what happened? >> nasa's glory satellite would have been orbiting tonight, instead, nasa is dealing with yet another launch failure. another investigation into what went wrong. >> liftoff came just after 5:00 a.m. friday. >> 3, 2, 10, and ignition of the rocket. >> a textbook launch first with nasa's rocket shedding sections as planned. >> stage one ignition and video confirm separation. >> but just ten minutes into the flight, nasa had a problem on its hand. >> vehicle speed is indicating under performance, which is expected to not separate. >> a piece that should have pushed the satellite to orbit never separated from the rocket. >> all indications are that the satellite and rocket is in the southern pacific ocean somewhere. >> it was an expensive failure for nasa. the tune
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is bombing all across america. >> the price of fuel went up and more people are riding and walking. >> reporter: they flew into town for the national bike summit. >> i flew into reagan and took a taxi to the house of sweden and picked up the bicycle. >> and you travel with the luggage, is that a hassle? >> not with this bike. the rack is accommodating and could be bigger. but it works well. >> reporter: vince counts as bicyclable communities sprout up everywhere you look. with gas prices going through the roof. the biking is cheaper than driving. >> in 2008, there was a big spike in activity and that did not go down. >> reporter: avid bicyclists have all sorts of reasons for hitting the trail. >> i got into bike pet advocacy when i lost a sister, a pedestrian victim in 2004. >> reporter: you might think there are more accidents but that is not the case. >> as people ride more and after the number of crashes involving the cyclists stays level or goes down. >> reporter: the organizers want congress to continue funding it increase the bike programs to help combat obesity, dirty air an
needed a job. he went to work as a mechanic. later he became the most famous man in america when he flew solo across the atlantic. his name was charles lindberg. >> reporter: another famous flyer who visited billings was amelia earhart. ernest hemingway actually got into a car accident and was hospitalized here with a broken arm. fortunately, that didn't end his writing career. >> well, billings was placed in the heart of crow country. the crow indian reservation is across the yellowstone river. the crow have always been a part of billings history. early on, they came here, traded in the stores that opened. later on the crow were a big part of our annual fair. and of course, today, a lot of people in billings travel to the annual crow fair and celebrate crow culture and traditions. >> reporter: billings is also known for its striking natural beauty. it's hard to believe that this area was once covered by a great sea. >> there are large cliffs of sandstone around billings. great walls of rock. we call them the rimrocks, or the rims. that's all that's left of that great inland sea. >> repo
for "teen kids news." >> all right young america what's your opinion. we'll find out in speak of the week. >> he was a part of everyone's childhood. you probably still have his quirky rhymes stuck in your head. we want to know, which dr. seuss book was your favorite? >> "horton hears a who." definitely my favorite. just because of all the silly characters and i like the point of the story. >> "the cat in the hat," definitely because it's fun, it rhymes. i love cats, too. and "the cat in the hat" is just my favorite character ever. >> "green eggs and ham," i'll have to say because ever since i was a little kid we always had "the green eggs and ham" at school and i just thought it was fun. >> my favorite dr. seuss story is "green eggs and ham." >> "green eggs and ham." >> "green eggs and ham." >> i've always wanted to do this, for "teen kids news" i'm sam i am. >>> hoops have been used as toys for ages, but in the 1950's a combination of plastic and great marketing brought us the hula hoop. it spun into a national craze. and now, it's back. >> i like to hula hoop because it's fun and active
, absolutely. we need to and we can't cut into the feed corn or into the things that help america grow and create jobs like education or cancer research or food safety. >> and rank and file members are losing their patience and some say this is the last short- term plan they'll support. >>> chris lee apologizing to his campaign donors and returning all the money he raised in 2010 and 2011 resigning after last month, posting a picture of himself online to a woman who was surfing craig's list. the married republican is accused of sending the photo. the buffalo news obtained a letter lee sent to 100 donors and said, quote, i make no excuses for the behavior, it was wrong. the letters include a check for the amount of their donation. >>> hey, major banks are considering a $100 limit on debit card purchases. that doesn't seem fair, does it? up next, what it's about and how congress may step in to make sure that doesn't happen. g >> hang on to your debit cards, there is a war going to on over cutting the costs to e em o. one side, retailers who say you the consumer can save a billion dollars
, aberrational. >> reporter: corporate america is watching this case closely and argues that if this class- action lawsuit is allowed to advance and provide, it could open the door to lots of other class-action las. wal-mart itself, if the case goes forward, could be on the line for billions in damages or settlements with the women. the first time in the court history, there are three women sitting on the court. peter barnes in washington, fox news. >>> it's been 30 years since john hinkly jr. tried to assassinate president ronald reagan. four people were hit in the barrage of bullets and survived. up next, hear from one of the survivors. the press secretary jim brady.  >> 30 years ago tomorrow, john hinkly fired six rounds from a .22-caliber revolver in an attempt to assassinate ronald reagan, four bullets instruct mark striking the president, a police officer and brady suffered a devastating wound out of the others. he has been confined to the wheelchair, and paralyzed on one side. today, brady and his wife sarah sat down with paul wagner for the only local television introduce. paul jo
today. >> he did, brian. and the president is in chile tonight as he continues his trip in latin america. in a news conference this afternoon, president obama said moving forward, the u.s. is going to take on a diminished role in this operation but clearly tonight the u.s. military is in the lead in libya. u.s. military officials say so far the no-fly zone is proving successful. as two days of attacks by the u.s. and allies, gadhafi has been unable to launch new air attacks against other forces. >> we have spent considerable effort to degrade libya's machines military command and control capability. >> reporter: the no-fly zone is in place other northern libya. the goal is to stop gadhafi from using his air forces to strike at cities held by the rebels. >> not only was he carrying out murders of civilians, but he threatened more. >> reporter: in chile president obama repeated that the u.s. lead role in libya with a not be open-ended and said u.s. allies would eventually take over. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of di -- days and not a matter of weeks. >> repor
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